Fruit Attraction 2022

Organic Agriculture


What is Organic Agriculture?

Organic, or its synonym ecological or biological, agriculture is an independent crop cultivation farming system based on the optimum use of natural resources, without the use of synthetic chemical products or genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) - either as fertilisers or for pest control – in this way obtaining organic foods at the same time as conserving the fertility of the land and respecting the environment. All this in a sustainable and balanced way.


Garlic is renowned for its medicinal properties and for being beneficial for your health. It has even been considered to be a marvellous natural remedy to prevent all types of colds and flu, to reduce cholesterol levels, to prevent acne and to improve the blood circulation. And apart from all this it is a fantastic antiseptic; and there have even been investigation reports indicating that garlic is an antioxidant that is so effective that it can help to project our body against free radicals which are the cause of the cells originating cancer.


We firmly relieve that a healthy, natural and quality product is much more beneficial for your health and has more respect for the environment.
It would appear that society in general is beginning to become aware that the abuse of the land and nature is causing widespread, and in many cases irreversible, damage to the environment.

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